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Our heavy haulage company with our own fleet operates independently, but also connects the other business areas involved. At a regional level, we carry out earthworks and building demolitions using our own construction machinery and trucks, with the gravel works playing a supplementary role in these activities. To use our own construction machinery, low-loaders for Special transport have been part of our vehicle fleet for 50 years. These vehicles were the beginning of our large volume and heavy haulage division. With Special transport, demolition work, earthmoving and the gravel works forming the main pillars of our company, we offer independent, but also combined expert solutions for any individual requirements in these business areas.

Geser Spedition GmbH

Vehicle fleet

In our fleet, we operate the following vehicles and machines that mean we can provide you with complete solutions efficiently and in a sustainable manner:

  • Excavators
  • Wheel loaders
  • Low-loaders
  • Axle lines combination
  • Other equipment

Technical specifications and performance figures for our vehicles and machines can be found in the following information sheet available to view or print:

Vehicle fleet info flyer

Geser Spedition GmbH


In 1949, great-grandfather Willi Geser sen. started transporting agricultural goods and building materials with a used Hanomag tractor. After a year’s successful “trial run”, he registered the business in 1950, our official founding year. To meet the ever increasing demands, the first truck was added to the fleet: a 3.5 tonne Mercedes. In the economic boom years, foundation stone was laid for our earthmoving and demolition business. Investments were made in equipment and material that were to pave the way for the business in the future. The development of the transport sector followed in 1961 with the acquisition of the very expensive “red concession” German permit (for general long distance haulage) needed in this regard. In 1964, the company entered the heavy haulage area, which marked its new direction as a service provider for the construction industry and mechanical engineering. Aged only 17, Willi Geser jun. took over the business from his ill father Willi Geser in the 1970s. In the decade that followed, a gravel works provided the perfect addition to the various business areas. In the 2000s, son Markus Geser joined the management ranks of the company as it entered its third generation. This led to a joint management team which established heavy haulage as a core pillar of the business by founding the BigMove cooperation.

Geser Spedition GmbH

Range of services

Our comprehensive range of services is shaped by the efficiency with which our four business areas complement each other:

  • Special transport
  • Demolition work
  • Earthmoving work
  • Gravel works

Experiences from any one business area enhance the professional competence in the other areas. Decades of experience in dealing with our own construction machinery in earthmoving, for example, is a great help when it comes to handling construction machinery for heavy haulage. Regional earthworks and demolition work can not only be carried out with our own equipment and material, but also transported independently. Jobs can therefore be processed flexibly and efficiently.

Geser Spedition GmbH

Special transport

Today, we transport oversized permit-requiring goods weighting up to 150 tonnes in unit weight across all of Europe.

Consulting and project planning, route reconnaissance using modern laser and GPS technologies, obtaining full permits, escorting using BF3 support vehicles, and load securing system in accordance with the TÜV certification are all work processes with which we are entirely familiar thanks to decades of experience. Extreme cargo can therefore feel right at home with us.

Geser Spedition GmbH


Geser and BigMove are not only involved in heavy haulage projects, but also in road safety projects for children. As a traditional locally based family company, we consider our commitment to safety as both a responsibility and a source of satisfaction.

Our regional business projects are primarily related to energy supply: look no further for tank transport, positioning activities and any associated earthworks.

Our heavy haulage cooperation BigMove is our reliable partner when it comes to cross-regional projects. As a founding member, we have reliable access to all the skills and tools that are required for a full spectrum of services in international heavy haulage.

Geser Spedition GmbH


Our workshop supervisor Bernhard Janker guarantees the quality of workshop services.

With four mechanics and one apprentice, he ensures the reliability of our entire fleet in our own workshop. To meet special customer requirements, excavators and low-loaders can be individually equipped or necessary accessories developed.

Geser Spedition GmbH

Demolition/earthmoving work

Demolition work always require special precautions and sophisticated safety measures. These in turn require extensive experience with equipment and materials to ensure the safety of people, adjacent objects and passing traffic. With 55 years of professional experience in this area as well as in construction, earthmoving and heavy haulage projects, you can rely on us one hundred percent.

Our own fleet of excavators and wheel loaders etc. ensures maximum reliability and minimal organisation.

We are therefore best placed for all your demolition, excavation and landscaping needs.

You can find further details in the following information sheet available to view or print:

Demolition info flyer

Earthworks info flyer

Geser Spedition GmbH

Gravel works

We can deliver all materials and gravel sizes listed below. We are also happy to deliver using our own trucks including delivery to site as well as offer pick-up from the factory.

Our opening times are:

Monday – Thursday: 7:00 am − 12:00 am and 12:30 am − 17:00 pm
Friday: 7:00 am − 2:00 pm

You can find further details in the following information sheet available to view or print:

Gravel works info flyer

We sort out suitable materials to reintroduce them into the economic cycle as high quality building material or garden soil. After all, recycling is a collective effort!

Project examples

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